Thursday, 13 September 2012

Advertising. Industry for “Diagonal Thinkers”

You may have heard the term linear thought which is the ability to think logically. Then youprobably must be aware of lateral thinking which is the ability to think creatively.But diagonal thinking is a concept established by the Advertising industry, acombination of linear and lateral thinking needed to succeed in creative jobs.

Theadvertising industry was created, in particular, for “Diagonal Thinkers”. Nowyou may be asking yourself a question…Why? Well the answer is simple, Diagonal Thinkers are able to use a concept originally thought up in another person’s mind (a client). They are able to align themselves to any types of thinking and to different types of people in this diverse world.

Imagine reading a book and a few months later there’s a movie about the book. Is the movie the way you imagined it when you read the book? If your answer is yes then Yay! good for you it’s a brilliant movie, but if your answer is no or “the movie was alright” (correct answer) the reason is probably because the screenwriter or the script writer is not a Diagonal Thinker. They hadn’t focused on who has actually read the book and align their type of thinking to the “targetmarket” of the book.

Although it is highly important to have the skill to think like this, do not neglect beingcreative or adding your touch to the initial idea. However do not take it too far or blow it out of proportion, remember to put the initial thinker’s ideas first. Make a limit to how far you or your “client” will allow your touch to the original idea.

In fact to break into any creative industry you must be able to think in this way.

By Caleb Kinimi #INM  #Elite team

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