Sunday, 19 August 2012

10 Ways to Save Money

What's worse than being called up by a friend to go out and you realise you're broke?
Here are 10 easy steps to make sure you always have money.
1: get rid of all your debts. Pay back everyone you owe money.
2: stop using a credit card. Using a credit card may only put you in a debt trap cause of the high interest rate.
3: make a budget.
4: write a shopping list before going to the store. Knowing what you need before hand can help you from spending money on what you want instead.
5: use discounts. Cinemas offer discounts at times. Look for two for one specials at stores.
6: buy products in bulk from wholesalers. Buying this way is cheaper than buying individual items from the store.
7: if you smoke or drink, stop! Your lungs and liver will thank you and so will your wallet.
8: open a savings account. Smaller banks have lower bank charges and higher interest rates, which you should take advantage of, but avoid ATM fees.
9: bottle your own water instead of buying bottled water. This step seems simple but could save you a lot of money if you drink a lot of water.
10: The most important step to help you and others save money and time... Save this article and pass it on to a friend :)

Saving money is much easier said than done. Spending less money is the biggest challenge. If you can stick to your goals and save money, you could be well on your way to having your fortune.

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