Monday, 20 August 2012

Politics?? O_O

If you notice litter in your area or next to your beautiful road, what is your first reaction? Is it, "Damn this government is so useless, they should clean it up!" Or do you say, "This weekend I am going to organise a team to clean this ish!" Which one do you think is more constructive to society?
Us as teenagers always misunderstand the concept of politics! We think that politics is either boring or is a dirty game! It's only a dirty game because people are power-hungry. Politics is actually something we all can participate in! Taking part in community project is taking part in politics! You are helping in making your country a better place!
You can also do so by taking part in discussions and debates. Getting your views across will also contribute to making your society a better place. Get your councillor's contact details and let him/her know about arising matters in your neighbourhood! You can also get your points across by just flooding the Facebook page of the Presidency with comments or ideas. All you have to do is click like on the Facebook page!
Getting involved in politics is not boring at all, it’s just getting a group of friends to make your country an amazing place for the future and for the present.
For more information on what you can do to be an active citizen in your beautiful country visit
For any questions or suggestions email
By: Kofi Snaman  @Ngqiqo_Kofi  @teenomics  #ineedmoney

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