Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Blitz Bolt

Lightning Bolt as many of us refer to him by is deemed and has reclaimed his title of Fastest Man in the World. In a pre-Olympics conference before the 100m sprint event took place at the London Olympics 2012 Mr Bolt announced he would be competing against the younger versions of himself in the past to break his previous records and set a new world record of about 9.30s to 9.40s.

However before these great spectacles, Bolt was hesitant about competing at the London Olympic Games. Bolt found out that he would have to pay tax for the money he would gain if he were to come first place in the race or even win more money for breaking his own previous World and Olympic records. Now this is no big deal but the problem is that he would have to pay tax for two different countries. The first country he would have to pay is England, the host country of the London Olympic Games 2012 . The second country he would have to pay is Jamica, Bolt's place of birth and the country he is representing at the Olympic Games in London.

 Usian Bolt loses in the Olympic games...finanacially of course. Although he could most likely regain the money and double the money he loses from just a year of endorsments by Puma or other companies sponsoring the man. Some quick thinking from the Fastest Man in the World.

By Caleb Kinimi #INM # Head photographer of Elite Team

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