Saturday, 25 August 2012

5 Ways to make money$$$

This is part one of a series of guest posts by people wanting to contribute to this blog:

So you’re broke because you don’t get enough pocket money, don’t want a job but need to support your social needs. Well here are a few ways to make easy money.
1. Sell stuff on eBay
Most of us know what eBay is but for those that don’t, eBay is a website that allows you to buy/sell products online. You could sell some of the old things in your house that are actually worth something.
2.  Become a tutor
Some of you out there have a certain talent that you can make money out of. For example if you can play the guitar well, or you’re clever, you can give lessons on weekends and charge a reasonable fee.
3.  Create websites
These days many small businesses are looking to create websites.
4. Hard labour
You can mow lawns, clean out garages etc. for a small amount of cash.
5. Sell a kidney o_O
For those that think they’re “hardcore” you can sell one of your kidneys. Don’t know where or how you would go about it but I wouldn’t suggest it. We don't condone this,we know its illegal we are just being humorous :)

These are just a few suggestions on how you can make some cash, they are really easy and they work so give them a try. If you have any more ideas sign in with your google account and comment, or email or if you willing to give us your view on economics in the life of a teenager, just drop us an email.

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