Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Anglo What?

Anglo American is one of the largest companies in the world and is based in London. They boast a high value of assets and $11.1 billion in operating profit globally. They mine precious resources in lots of countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and North & South America. The company does its main exchange of resources in London and in Jo'burg.

The company has a huge influence in the SA economy having 3 main businesses and stakes in other companies. They have 10 operations producing platinum and numerous joint ventures. They also have one business listed in the JSE (this means it's quite a big business) called Kumba Iron Ore which is the leading supplier of iron ore to many developed countries. Anglo has 6 thermal coal mines producing 22 mega tons per year!!

If you think this is impressive you haven't seen jack yet! Anglo currently owns 85% of De Beers -the only miners of diamonds in the world!

Do you want to work or even be an executive there? Well it's not gonna be easy, to be successful you have to be determined to work hard to get to the top. What nice about working in a mining company is that it gives a chance for engineers to be CEOs and big execs and you deal with people all over the world meaning you travel a lot. Charted Accountants, however, is always recommended if you wanna be a CEO of any company. With a country with so much minerals, you should start thinking of ways you could start trading resources such as coal or platinum metals to start making that money. You could make it big!

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