Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Do Girls Really Run the World?

Now days (especially this month) you hear a lot about women’s rights and women empowerment. Being a guy I always believed that this ideology was far too overrated. Not until my eyes were open by a newspaper article I read (out of pure boredom) over the weekend.

The stats from the article were really mind blowing and a real eye-opener on how very few women are represented in the boardroom.  According to the New-Age, 3.6% of SA’s CEOs are women; 17.1% are directors and 5.5% are chairing the boardroom. These results have increased slightly from last year but not enough, according to some organisation groups.
Ironically, women are responsible for 65% of global expenditure! That means women are the queens of spending! Oxfam estimates that women spend ± R97 trillion per year!! I think with talent like that, companies would be stupid not to appoint women on the board!
Do these facts tell us that women are usually housewives who marry rich? Or are they not given a chance to show their potential in the workplace and are munching their income like hyenas with rabies?   
I don’t think women have to be represented 50/50 in the boardroom but these current figures aren’t very good. We can make laws and go all crazy about women empowerment but it won’t help these figures. It’s all up to the lady to value herself and amount herself to a gold-digging housewife like the *cough_HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA_ cough cough*  

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_By Kofi Snaman_  @Ngqiqo_Kofi

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