Wednesday, 22 August 2012

How to break into an industry

Being good at Accounting, IT, Marketing or any other field has great benefits if you want to break into an unfamiliar industry. These fields provide many skill sets you can transfer to a variety of industries.
Using and expressing your passion to break into the industry is key and can come a long way. Knowing nothing about the field will not put you on the back foot if you have the passion and the determination.
However doing a bit of research will take you to a new height in the level you think about the industry.
Research like there’s no tomorrow
If there’s an industry you find yourself interested in, it shouldn’t be hard to research and have a base about the industry. Read articles, internet magazines and follow the news about the industry.
Becoming an expert overnight is not likely so there for you don’t have to be one, but be sure to learn information that can give you the confidence you need to have conversations with those in the industry. Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know a whole lot but express your passion and your willingness to learn.
Research on how you can learn about the industry in formal institutions and considering  doing so will benefit you greatly.
Exude confidence in what you are good at
Use your specific skills to your advantage. You have to combine your useful skills with your own unique perspective.
By Caleb Kinimi #INM #Elite team @Teenomics 
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