Sunday, 26 August 2012

5 Characteristics of a Business Partner

Picking a good business partner could make business much easier. A partnership is a covenant between two or more people.  Here are tips on how to pick a business partner.

1 - Someone with entrepreneurial spirit and vision.
A partner with entrepreneurial spirit is very useful, as they are motivated and inspired to do something.

2 - Someone who shares your values.
No this is not couples advice! Having a partner that shares your values is important because you will need to communicate with your partner to set goals, make decisions and build your business.

3 - Someone you can trust and respect.
 You can't expect to get much from
someone that you don't trust and respect.

4 - Education matters, in the teenage years not so much. Now I'm not saying just get any dumb ass, get one that can make logical decisions.

5 - The most important characteristic a business partner must have is being able to cope and adjust to change. Change is something that occurs a lot in the economy and so being able to deal with it could make business easier.

Picking a business partner is very hard, but as long as you and your business partner trust and have mutual respect for each other and your business partner can draw the line between work and play there shouldn't be any big problems

JJ Mayoli @Teenomics #EliteTeam

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